Quidgest supports the development of Mozambique for 7 years

Striving for economy and local citizenship development, through the technology transfer, partnerships and job’s creation are some of the company’s strategic priorities for this country.

Quidgest celebrates its 7th anniversary in Mozambique, where the company has been developing several projects related to Public Administration. This investment started in 2008 with the establishment of the company in Mozambique. It was rapidly payed back with the Urban Planning solution, Management and Territorial Administration at the Municipal Council of Maputo implementation, funded by World Bank. Currently, the system allows the municipality to centralize all information related to the property management and use and the asset management under its jurisdiction.

Quidgest also implemented a Land Registry Information System, with a national dimension, and a database centralized on a single system. The main goal of this implementation was to replace the current paper records. In addition to this project, by the hand of Carlos Marques, Partner and Manager of Software Quidgest Plant, the company has undertaken numerous initiatives. Free seminars and conferences for the training of the top managers and the staff of Mozambican organizations are examples of Quidgest’s initiatives. This initiatives cover several areas of knowledge such as Strategic Management, Document Management and Human Resource Management.

“Investing in training and integration of young cadres and in technology transfer for maintenance and development of the solutions installed and the search for new projects and challenges is the main goal of the company in the medium and long term,” says Carlos Marques, Partner and Manager the Quidgest Software Plant. “Mozambique is a country with enormous potential, not only for its similarity with Portugal on linguistic and legislative issues, as the membership of public institutions and enterprises to the latest technologies,” he concludes.

Among the projects developed by the company in this country arise other references as the INATTER system of Driving Licenses Control, the Examinations Management Solution for Aeronautical Personnel as well as the most recent involvement with AIDGLOBAL to support humanitarian programs.