Quidgest sponsors the CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development

Quidgest sponsored the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries I Conference of Energy which toke place in 23 and 25 of July, in Estoril Congress Center in Cascais.

For this conference, Quidgest developed an event management system. This system allowed CPLP to manage the conference applications and participants, their spaces and the organizing team. On the other hand, the participants had access to the platform, to manage their own profile and interact actively with other participants by choosing different privacy levels of their personal data.

This Conference had the participation of CPLP governments, academics, specialists and entrepreneurs of the energy industry worldwide. It intends to add value to political, economic and financial roles of the energy industry in CPLP, to recognize the geostrategic and geopolitics potential of this industry on a global scale and to create a global citizenship to the energy industry.

The CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development was institutionally supported by the Portuguese Government through the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, Presidency of the Republic and the Cascais Municipal Council.

For more information check the official website of the “CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development”.