Quidgest opens a new office in Macau

Following continued global expansion, Quidgest opened a new office in Macau, Quidgest Macau Limited.

By expanding into Macau, Quidgest aims to exploit new business opportunities. Macau is forecast to be the fastest growing economy in the world in 2012, according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The company´s strategy to enter the Macanese market describes mainly the following priorities: Investment in R&D activities and technology transfer that enable developing specialized solutions fitting the needs of Macanese organizations, establishment of local partnerships with universities and creation of job opportunities.
According to Ana Ribeiro, consultant at Quidgest, the opening of a new office in Macau is another milestone in the history of Quidgest. “Macau is a fascinating market in which we are developing partnerships and joining forces with local entities to achieve positive results by the end of 2012. At this moment, Quidgest is developing a partnership with the University of Macau, offering its students the opportunity to do a traineeship at the headquarters of Quidgest in Lisbon, Portugal”.
Johanna Federlein, Marketing & Business Developer at Quidgest, emphasizes that “despite the fact that the Cantonese translation of the company name is nowhere near the name “Quidgest”, it stands for the basic principles of the software fabric of the future: the development of tailor-made and complex software solutions, by means of an automatic code generation platform”.