Quidgest delivers training management system to nonprofit organization

Quidgest officially delivers this week the training management system developed for APAV (Portuguese Association for Victim Support). This is the seventh entity to benefit from Quidgest’s annual initiative, allowing APAV to respond more effectively to the needs of their training processes.

This session was attended by João Lázaro, President of APAV, Maria de Oliveira, Executive Coordinator of the Training Centre of APAV, Luis Santana, Quidgest’s Special Projects Coordinator and Daniel Diogo, Portas Abertas 2014 competition winner.

Portas Abertas is an annual initiative that creates management systems for nonprofit organizations. As a result of the unique capability of the automatic code generation system – Genio – Quidgest can develop a fully customized solution to meet the needs of an organization in a short period of time. This year’s collaboration was established between APAV and Quidgest. I made possible to endow the association with a solution to respond to their needs for management training. Throughout the various editions of the program we have already supported other institutions of recognized merit in this field, such as: AMI, AIDHUM, Sociedade Protectora dos Animais, CerciOeiras, Acreditar and Raríssimas.

For Maria de Oliveira, Executive Coordinator of APAV Training Centre “the software developed by the participants of Portas Abertas 2014 will represent a very important tool for APAV. This information system will be an asset to the training Centre which will improve their ability to promote training activities and awareness in the community. “

Thanks to the event Portas Abertas, Quidgest hosts annually on its headquarters, young finalists in the areas of Computer Science and Information Systems. For one day, the technology company opens its doors to the national talent and welcomes students from some of the most prestigious universities of Lisbon to develop Information systems to support a nonprofit organization.