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Public Sector Solutions

The range of solutions offered by Quidgest and its partners respond to a global requirements: improving the quality of decisions, with an increasing coherency and greater previous knowledge guaranteeing that the solutions will be correctly implemented. They are oriented towards six objectives that successful organizations currently focus:
– Reduce costs
– Increase revenue
– Increase agility, productivity , and responsiveness
– Reach more markets or areas of activity
– Provide products and excellent services
– Upgrade solutions, reusing what already exists.
They allow you to extract the full potential of the current technological revolution, in order to overcome the challenges your organisation is facing in a global competitive environment.
All these goals are certainly important enough to justify that an opportunity is given to the innovative solutions we are presenting in this catalogue. Do you accept the challenge?
We are of course available to support you in any phase of the project.

Knowing our client´s needs and expectations is invaluable for us. By sharing ideas and receiving feedback during and after projects we are able to evolve our business practices and continuously provide you with the best services. Our style is based on a group of specialists who help deliver results, transfer knowledge and identify best practice to fit your organization.
Quidgest delivers end-to-end solutions by offering the right fit of applications capabilities.

   Quidgest solutions for the Public Sector
      – ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
      – Unique Software Solutions
      – Supply chain, Logistics and Assets Management
      – Financial Management
      – Document and Business Process Management
      – Human Resources Management
      – Municipality Management
      – Healthcare
      – Education and training
      – R&D Research and Development
      – International Cooperation

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