Oporto Municipal Council optimizes organizational strategy and projects management

Oporto Municipal Council is currently implementing BSC Quidgest® and Projects Management Quidgest Solutions. This acquisition is a result of a strategically aligned structure for an efficient management, focused on the established goals and on its corrections in real time if necessary,   by Autarchy.

The Balanced Scorecard system developed by Quidgest supports the organizational strategy implementation and monitoring, aligning the employees in the definition and monitoring the established goals.

The Quidgest Project Management solution will help the municipally to improve the visibility and the control of its several projects. It will also help to align the costs with the strategic priorities and to support team work to ensure the projects are delivered on time and to budget.

The both systems that will work in an integrated way will give the council the opportunity to integrate the projects results with the BSC Quidgest indicators. This will allow the people who access the Scorecards to make better decisions.

Moreover, the Quidgest Surveys Management solution will be implemented in order to provide the Autarchy total autonomy in the creation, management, shipping and processing the surveys to its suppliers, employees or partners. This solution besides reporting the results online optimizes the existing resources.