NOVA´s Digital Transformation with the new Quidgest ERP

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) is already using Quidgest’s new ERP, which includes Human Resources Management, Financial and Asset Management, and Project Management, in the 11 divisions of the university. This innovative project, started in January, was completed within a record time frame.

Since February 2017 NOVA has been undergoing a great transformation. It is a Public Foundation which now complies with the rigorous pace and requirements of a private enterprise. This has required a profound change in order to standardise the processes of all divisions under a single taxpayer number, while guaranteeing their autonomy and individual operational requirements. This project is part of NOVA’s national and international strategy to promote the university and the dynamic range of programs and activities which it undertakes. The ERP system creates an important competitive advantage for NOVA and is a key part of its Digital Transformation. With around 20,000 students, 2,000 of whom are of 100 different nationalities, 1,700 professors, 80 PhDs and 40 research units; NOVA is the only Portuguese university, less than 50 years old, which is among the 50 best universities in the world.

The replacement of the various management systems in NOVA in such a short time was achieved by Quidgest thanks to its innovative technology and long experience in facilitating quality of service in Public Administration, particularly in the area of Education and Higher Education.

The process to transition all divisions to the new system has been in effect since May 2017. The Financial and Asset Management modules have been applied since June last year, when the Foundation issued the consolidated balance sheet of all Units to DGO.

This is one of the most advanced integrated management systems in the market, based on the latest technology (web, mobile, SQL, MVC) and developed with automatic modeling and generation of software through the “No Code” Genio platform. It will allow the divisions of NOVA greater agility in monitoring their activities and addressing in a dynamic way the constant and significant challenges in university management.