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Communication between Public Administration and their citizens has reached the next level, with many administrative issues being transferred to electronic access and communication. Organizations are now urged to ensure that well-rounded processes and systems help reduce bureaucratic overhead, and streamline the services rendered to the public, often evolving to an on-demand, customer-oriented and process-managed business model.

The traditional administrative and preparatory overhead in teaching institutions need to be transformed into lean, agile and flexible operations that focus on their calling: to teach efficiently while having the time to really care.

  • Operational & Social. New technologies and processes react better and more precisely to what institutions and organizations now are able to learn from the general population and each citizen individually, helping to improve the overall social network we all live in.
  • Education. Quidgest fosters actively the collaboration with research and teaching institutions, ensuring knowledge transfer and creating opportunity for academic project and research work within our organization.

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Records and Business Process Management
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Information Management

Procedures and enables the comprehensive and effective record of all the information received (by e-mail, fax or any other) produced and in circulation, in order to successfully meet every challenge of today’s Management.

Process Management

Solves many of the problems related with managing documents and processes.

Library Management

This solution is the most efficient tool to manage information flows in an integrated manner, based on a fully fit technology information system to meet all challenges.

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