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What is Genio?

Genio is an Agile platform for Scrum and Rapid Application Development (RAD) of comprehensive information systems, combining Model Driven Development (MDD) with Automatic Code Generation in different software architectural patterns and languages, such as MVC, HTML 5, Java, C++ or C#.

Point of difference?

Genio combines technological independence, code standardization and quick delivery in multiple technologies using a single platform.

What do you get?

Short time-to-market
1 project definition for multiple targets and technologies
Update Technologically Obsolete Platforms
Permanent Upgrading
With 1/10 of the Resources
Advanced Support including Forum, Wiki and Help Desk

Genio: How it works

Solutions developed with Genio are made suitable for the intended purpose, in accordance with business specifications, strategies, procedures and international standards. At the same time it is possible to easily incorporate new features over time. Thanks to rapid prototyping, interactivity, very short cycles (of hours, not months), constant interaction with the client, integrating ideas and perspectives of clients and quick response to changes ensure the commitment of Genio to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

At Quidgest we identified patterns that, consequently, are incorporated in Genio. The automation and use of these patterns allows to save time in projects supported by Genio. Another advantage of reusing these code templates in different project phases, by multiple users and multiple clients over time significantly decreases the number of errors.

Standard Code

Our current architecture offerings are Back office (Windows, C++, MFC) and Web (C#, AJAX, web services), Silverlight, PLSQL and WCF WebServices. We have prototypes for Mobile, MS-Office task panes, Share point and Enterprise Java Beans.

Code generation targets


Model Driven Software Development

  • +200

    Active Information Systems

  • 98%

    of the code is generated automatically

  • +500


  • x10

    times faster project delivery

  • 1/10

    the size of usual project teams


  • Short time-to-market: by means of the latest technologies, the estimated time to develop prototypes for clients is dramatically reduced.
  • Adequate to business environment:  whether you are working in the field of insurances, media, health care or any other specific branch, Genio is able to provide customized information systems that fit your business needs.
  • User involvement: system users are able to know, at any moment, the situation of a project in real-time, by means of a reference framing integrated in Genio.
  • High service level: Quidgest’s deep domain knowledge and experience enables our professional staff to tailor their methods to the needs of our clients and implement programs with lean, efficient teams.
  • Permanent upgrading: Genio guarantees constant upgrading of information system in order to maintain a high productivity level. This is possible by means of new instruments and evolving techniques.
  • Zero errors: our solution building platform, Genio, automatically generates traditional high level code, without errors! Your consultants may therefore focus on business processes, instead of constantly spending time resolving programming language issues.

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