Genio Certification Program


The Genio Certification Program was designed to share the main benefits of developing with Genio, Quidgest’s innovative platform for model-driven software development and automatic code generation. This program was created in partnership with Actual Training, the training body.

Genio enables not only software engineers but also professionals with knowledge of business rules, or specific economic and scientific backgrounds, to perform agile creation and rapid evolution of management software solutions, even without profound knowledge of programming.

Benefits of participating in the Genio Certification Program:

• The possibility of doing an internship at Quidgest or one of its partners
• The opportunity to join Genio’s Global Partner Community
• The ability to develop your own business solutions
• Get privileged access to new versions of the Genio platform
• Become recognized for your skills and competencies in software engineering using the Genio platform for model-driven development

This 5 day training program will allow participants to:

• Become aware of the model driven development approach
• Be able to create a new information system using Genio
• Know the core patterns in Genio
• Know basic quality principles

Rui Alcobia

“After the initial phase of adaptation to Genio platform, we are already developing a system in food industry for hospitals. During this phase, we always count on Quidgest’s support in everything we need, allowing us to evolve and enhance the solution we are developing. We intend the partnership to expand in order to be able to take more advantage of the platform’s potential.”

Rui AlcobiaClinical Solutions Manager (Iberdata)
Sara Carrapato

“When I started the Certification Program, I had no idea of the benefits that it would bring to my professional career! I can say that it considerably increased my technical knowledge and my though process. One of the most important aspects of the Certification Program was the possibility to put into practice at the workplace everything that I acquired in training. And one of the big changes that I felt was the fact that it gave me an easier and more efficient way to solve my client’s technological challenges.”

Sara CarrapatoDocuments Management Technician
Hugo Miguel Ribeiro

“Genio Certification Program allowed me to increase my knowledge and to learn new concepts that certainly will help me to find better solutions to my client’s challenges and needs. The practical context of this training is, without a doubt, one of its strongest aspects, especially in this kind of training. I also want to point out the trainer’s experience and availability, and the use of practical cases and examples as a mean to better explain concepts.”

Hugo Miguel RibeiroHR Consultant
Joana Luz

“The training succeed my expectations as a learned all the process of generating software applications, since the building of the system architecture to the automatic code generation. Although this is not a field of my expertise, I easily acquired specific knowledge in software generation. I believe that learning how to use Genio platform is well worth it, especially to those who want to generate software applications ten times faster and without special knowledge in computer programming!”

Joana LuzInternational Consultant
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