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The task of a CFO is assuring efficient financial management and supporting senior management in making the right strategic and operational decisions in a challenging globalized economic environment. Especially in times like these, the CFO has an invaluable role in terms of helping a company through the recession into better times.

However, due to a constantly changing business environment, many companies struggle to keep up with today´s compliance and accountability requirements. CFOs are working with inflexible and rigid systems that, moreover, aren´t easily integrated with other applications in the financial management system. This eventually will lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness in core financial operations.

CFOs are searching for solutions that will automate and streamline processes, facilitate data access, eliminate earnings uncertainty that will allow a company to effectively deploy capital.

To respond to these key challenges CFOs are facing, Quidgest developed an integrated Financial Management system that, despite of its complexity, is able to evolve continuously.

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Financial Services

Strategic Management (with Balanced Scorecard)
Venture Capital Management (Hedge Funds)
Financial Portfolio Management
Treasury management
Home banking
Fleet and facility leasing
Credit Management
Mutual Warranty Management


Regulatory Reports: COREP/FINREP
Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention System
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) Solution

New product development management
Current Accounts
Savings products
Financial applications
Financial Planning & Simulation
Anticipated funds
Branch Network Management
Procedures Management


Insurance specialists
Victim’s Assistance Management
Health Insurances

Solutions for Banking, Insurance and Financial Management

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