VIRVI – Health Vigilance and Control Software

virvid health software system


COVID-19 pandemics is a global challenge that requires an adequate software. Specifically, it requires software improving faster than virus spread.

VIRVI is a hyper-agile emergency software, provided by Quidgest, for epidemiologic global challenges like COVID-19.

VIRVI is an Information System to support the monitoring and control of a virus epidemic, like COVID-19, in any country or region, in an emergency timeframe (that is, starting operating in hours).

VIRVI is an Information System easy to use, focused on this specific challenge, in real-time, robust, reliable and capable of continually evolving, forming the basis for good critical management and communication facing virus epidemics.

VIRVI is an entirely-web software, and web systems provide the necessary scale to monitor a virus pandemic. The web is much more scalable than a telephone tracking line and a web solution is accessible to all professionals, considering different levels of information access and respecting adequate levels of privacy.

virvi dashboards