mro quidgest

The solution that allows to track and manage the entire training cycle workflow of all the companies in this sector:

INAC certification for all the training companies in the maintenance aircraft area is crucial. While the training technicians’ quality in this area overlaps, companies have to follow several requirements that are demanding and difficult to meet. To accomplish the PART-147 certification requirements, companies must ensure that all the rules and procedures required by international and national authorities are followed in regard to the training area.

In most cases, the amount of information about the program content, students, courses and activities scheduling is increasing and, therefore, difficult to control. If the training management audit process is not monitored and controlled by the respective auditors, the risk of non-compliance increases. The Quidgest MRO Solution allows to manage the trainees and trainers data (biographical and professional information, certification, etc.) as well as training activities (enrollment, attendance lists, evaluation and documentation), while allowing the audit process management.


  • Increased training processes efficiency, according to European regulation 2042/2003 (PART-147) Annex IV;
  • Education process management, enabling an integrates and systematic management of all the requirements, registers and documents;
  • Exams generation in accordance with European regulation 1149/2011, enabling generation of basic and type training exams ( theoretical and practical component);
  • More control of the training management audit process.