gestão recursos humanos, quidgest

The Human Resource Management solution enables the registration of all the employees’ records of an organization, following all their professional path.
It enables quick and informed decision-making, improves the relationship within the employees and reduces costs by automating and providing processes in portals, with most tasks being performed in a self-service regime.
This HR system increases transparency with explicit assumptions, for example, in the calculation of salaries or in career progression.


  • Complete management of a worker’s register.
  • Automatic registration and consultation, in real time, of the history of the employee.
  • Automatic calculation of seniority (in the Civil Service, career and category).
  • Automatic issuance of files to be delivered to various entities.
  • Integration with all Quidgest Human Resource applications.
  • Listings that can be consulted and / or printed.
  • Maximize performance/ efficient data entry.
  • Maps related to all relevant information about the worker.
  • Adapting to the specific needs of each institution.
  • Differentiated access depending on the level of user responsibility.
  • Individualization of competencies, allowing the specialization and decentralization of management with clear attribution of functions and responsibilities.