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“…When I talk to decision makers, it seems that all they really want to know is how to achieve compliance with GDPR and manage it, so they can go about their lives in peace. Despite this, some decision makers have already asked me “what is coming next?”, but only one or two so far showed interest in talking about the “Big Picture”, and how could they position their organization to gain strategic advantages…”

  • GDPR is coming…” NO! It’s the European Single Digital Market!
  • How will “life” be in the European Single Digital Market?
  • Is my organization a “good fit” in this new environment?
  • Why is compliance with the GDPR important to me?
  • How will I achieve and maintain GDPR compliance?
  • Every service provider is suddenly an expert in GDPR…
  • What is the best approach to look for?
  • Take care of data privacy in your organization the same way you want your own privacy to be respected.

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