Co-Innovation Awards: the recognition of the value of Smart Management

At the 7th edition of Q-Day Conference, which took place at Culturgest on 24th September, Quidgest rewarded the best organizational management projects that added value to its solutions.

The Co-Innovation Awards, that celebrate its 4th edition this year, intend to make known the best practices of organizational management projects that have contributed for the improvement of Quidgest solutions. Through this distinction the company pretends to present to the market examples of what are the best practices and also the way how new technologies and sharing values can influence the entrepreneurial development and the processes optimization.

Quidgest faces the software development as a continuous, evolutionary and customized practice. Every project is seen as a new opportunity to integrate knowledge. Therefore, João Paulo Carvalho, senior partner of Quidgest, considers that “rewarding the best practices of strategic management of any organization is a duty, not only entrepreneurial but also social, including politicians”.

At this 4th edition of the Co-Innovation Awards were recognized several projects, such as the public as the entrepreneurial sectors. The focus of these awards is on how technology helps the companies to reach their business goals.

Below you can see the full list of all the entities recognized by Quidgest: Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, a Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Investimento Imobiliário S.A. do Grupo Novo Banco, o Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP, I.P.), a QI – Mediação de Seguros Lda., o Banco do Brasil, os Serviços Sociais da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, o Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude, I.P. (IPDJ, I.P.), a Cooperativa António Sérgio para a Economia Social (CASES), a Fundação INATEL, a Espaço Municipal – Renovação Urbana e Gestão do Património, E.M. S.A. e o Exército Português.

Quidgest develops an Integrated Management app for Order of Engineers

Quidgest is going to implement a solution specifically developed to manage the internal proceedings of the Order of Engineers.

The Order of Engineers is a professional public association that represents the engineering professionals. It has more than 40.000 active members. The Order of Engineers Integrated Management System (SIGOE) is going to allow them to customize the relationship with its members, by improving the organization workflow and its contact with the exterior.

To Luís Santana, Quidgest’s Special Projects and Strategic Management Manager, “the facility with which the leaders, the staff and the member of the Order of Engineers take advantage of those functionalities and the flexibility underlying the system will guarantee the future development strategies of the Order of Engineers”.

Quidgest supports the development of Mozambique for 7 years

Striving for economy and local citizenship development, through the technology transfer, partnerships and job’s creation are some of the company’s strategic priorities for this country.

Quidgest celebrates its 7th anniversary in Mozambique, where the company has been developing several projects related to Public Administration. This investment started in 2008 with the establishment of the company in Mozambique. It was rapidly payed back with the Urban Planning solution, Management and Territorial Administration at the Municipal Council of Maputo implementation, funded by World Bank. Currently, the system allows the municipality to centralize all information related to the property management and use and the asset management under its jurisdiction.

Quidgest also implemented a Land Registry Information System, with a national dimension, and a database centralized on a single system. The main goal of this implementation was to replace the current paper records. In addition to this project, by the hand of Carlos Marques, Partner and Manager of Software Quidgest Plant, the company has undertaken numerous initiatives. Free seminars and conferences for the training of the top managers and the staff of Mozambican organizations are examples of Quidgest’s initiatives. This initiatives cover several areas of knowledge such as Strategic Management, Document Management and Human Resource Management.

“Investing in training and integration of young cadres and in technology transfer for maintenance and development of the solutions installed and the search for new projects and challenges is the main goal of the company in the medium and long term,” says Carlos Marques, Partner and Manager the Quidgest Software Plant. “Mozambique is a country with enormous potential, not only for its similarity with Portugal on linguistic and legislative issues, as the membership of public institutions and enterprises to the latest technologies,” he concludes.

Among the projects developed by the company in this country arise other references as the INATTER system of Driving Licenses Control, the Examinations Management Solution for Aeronautical Personnel as well as the most recent involvement with AIDGLOBAL to support humanitarian programs.


Quidgest strengthens its presence in El Salvador by implementing a management system to support the community of War Veterans

Quidgest is currently implementing a management system designed to create a centralized register to support the community of War Veterans in El Salvador. The project is divided into two phases, focusing on the census of the target population and the development of features and services that identify their needs, with the most appropriate and effective response.

To perform a project with such an impact and relevance, Quidgest decided to partner the company Soluciones SST, a reputable Salvadoran company specialized in the field. This project is also part of the growth strategy adopted by Quidgest in countries of the region, which has also developed projects in Nicaragua.

The first phase covered the census Veterans, a total of more than 30,000 former combatants. Once the community was identified, proceeded a stage of analysis and data migration of existing records. The information collected thus allows immediate access to the history of each war veteran, as well as printing ID cards. This history contains relevant data on the damage suffered during the conflict, the characterization of the current household and their health status, employment, income, and other related information of all ex-combatants.

At a later stage, it is planned to implement a pension system and scholarships for survivors and their families, based on decision support information provided by the initial system. This project arises from a donation made by the Republic of Taiwan – China to the Department of Citizen Participation, Transparency and Corruption in El Salvador.

Furthermore, the project reinforces the presence of the technological company in the country and the region, after the implementation in 2013 of a Balanced Scorecard system in the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic of El Salvador. This system was adapted to enable the Government to improve management of public policies and better use of funds received from multilateral agencies, by creating a monitoring system by indicators (social, political and economic).

In 2014, Quidgest was also selected by the National Electrical Transmission Company (Enatrel) in Nicaragua to provide, a management software that allows to monitor continuously the organization’s performance, in partnership with a Latin American brand.

Quidgest and W.Space join together to develop a Facility Management innovator platform

Quidgest and W.Space established last month a partnership agreement to develop an innovator web platform for the Facility Management market – called WebFM, which will support the available services to the real estate assets owners, occupants and managers.

This digital platform aims to support the Facility Management activity, to guarantee the application registration and monitoring. These applications arising from Facilities contacts network that are managed by W.Space in concordance with its client’s strategy.

This solution main features allow to monitor and to control the operations in buildings in real time, to obtain updated and affordable information anywhere, which will ensure an effective services’ integrated management and will provide the appropriated support to decisions.

W.Space will be more efficient thanks to this new platform because it will automatically manage the occurrences lifecycle and it will continually evaluate the service providers’ quality. Furthermore, the system concede to identify and to monitor the KPI’s eligible in each organization strategy. This is conceded by the definition of the services evaluation criteria and by the implementation of control mechanisms of the service providers’ performance. Supported on SLA’s and KPI’s indicators, the system will foster the Facility Management good practices, the contractual transparency and the benchmarking.

To Pedro Branco Ló, W.Space FM Managing Partner, the design and development of a facility management and service-desk platform “contributes to the innovation of processes and management methodologies and it will also be structuring operational improvement for medium and long term. This aims the processes’ efficiency and the improvement of client’s services as well”.

Carlos Costa, Marketing & Partnership Business Development Manager, says that “this new project is a step forward in the business development through our partners’ network in a web and cloud logic. The company technological experience in this sector allied to W.Space “know-how” aims to identify and develop essentials functionalities to optimize a solution with this dimension.

W.Space FM is a Facility Management consulting company. Founded in 2011, the company has implemented since then integrated solutions of Services and Patrimonial Management – Property Management, Maintenance Management and Automation and Energetic Management. W.Space FM recently extended its FM services activity based on Monitoring and Management Facilities Platforms to increase the incurred costs and the achieved results visibility. This FM extended services activity has the purpose to improve the stakeholders’ satisfaction rates.

Quidgest is one of the most recent members association of TICE.PT

This month Quidgest became a member of The National Portuguese ICT Cluster – TICE.PT. The National Portuguese ICT Cluster was formally recognized by the Portuguese Government in August 2009, with headquarters in Aveiro.

It aims to place Portugal in the top 10 ranking countries of the European Union regarding the weight of TICE in the GDP, employment, RDT expenditure and in the total volume of exports.

TICE.PT was created to be the concertation platform that ensures and promotes the interfaces between the academic and the business world. In addition to this platform it was developed the 560 Business Platform to contribute for the Portuguese Economy internationalization.

This Platform connects the Portuguese companies and entrepreneurs working both in Portugal and abroad.

Becoming part of the TICE.PT network, Quidgest has the advantage of having access to its “Mirror Platforms”, but also contribute to the development and international growth of the Information Technologies, Communication and Electronics area.

By the end of 2015 first semester Quidgest had grown more than 50% on the financial sector.

The ING Belgium – Branch in Portugal is the most recent financial institution to adopt the Quidgest banking solution of the regulatory reports (COREP and FINREP). This new technological project heightens the company growth in the financial sector, in the first semester of the current year. This growth exceeded 50% when compared with the previous semester. The purpose of the system developed by Quidgest is to give access to the necessary data to send to regulatory institutions.

Currently, Quidgest is implementing in ING Belgium – Branch Portugal regulatory reports’ software. ING Belgium SA/NV – Branch in Portugal is a banking institution headquartered in Belgium and it is a part of ING N. V. Group. ING Belgium have branches in more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

In the end of the first semester of 2015 the growth of this sector is extremely positive once the company billing increased more than 50% the development of both national and international financial institutions banking solutions, when compared to the previous semester. To João Teles Business Manager Banking Solutions of Quidgest, “the implementation of regulatory reports’ solution in ING Belgium strengthens commitment and hard work developed in several institutions such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa Económica da Misericórdia de Angra do Heroísmo (CEMAH) or Caixa de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo da Chamusca”.

Within the scope of Basel Accord III and similar to other banking institutions, the ING Belgium sought to implement a solution that could support the development and the release of regulatory reports to regulatory institutions. The system developed by Quidgest quickly filled that need by creating conditions that enabled the clients’ data migration to the software structure which automatically responds to the reporting.

With the regulation standardization also came up the need of implementing reports with certain criteria and uniform definitions that will cover several types of information such as the report of prudential information (COREP), the report of financial and accounting information (FINREP), the information liquidity and the information related to leverage ratio.

BSC Quidgest® supports Polytechnic of Coimbra’s strategic management

Polytechnic of Coimbra Institute (IPC) implemented this month Quidgest’s Balanced Scorecard solution. This software allows Polytechnic of  Coimbra to work with its collaborators to establish the strategic map goals and to quickly visualize its results.

BSC Quidgest® is based on R. Kaplan and D. Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology. Its main goal is to support the organizational strategic implementation and to assure the constant monitoring of the organization performance.

Joana Miguel Santos, Strategic Management Consultant of Quidgest, affirms that “the strategic communication streaming – already implemented by IPC through activities plans and others – and the periodic monitoring that this tool enables are the software capital gains. So, with BSC Quidgest® implementation IPC will be able to recognize easily and in time possible diversions due to established goals and its necessary corrections to improve performance.

Furthermore, IPC implemented recently Quidgest’s Training Management System with the intention of speeding up and automating processes related to the training system on both IPC Training Centers: INOV-IPC (targeted to staff) and CINEP (targeted to lecturers).

The Kindergartens Services of D. Pedro IV Foundation is managed by Quidgest System

Currently, Quidgest is implementing a Kindergarten Management System in D. Pedro IV Foundation which is a Private Charity Institution, founded in Lisbon I 1834.

The system developed by Quidgest allows them to manage transversally all the functional circuit of the service provided to all 6 Kindergarten’s Houses (Arroios, Calafates, Olivias, Santa Quitéria, Santana e São Vicente House).

Furthermore, the system allows them to centralize all the information, to expedite the reply deadline and to accomplish internal tasks more efficiently. The application process is now managed from the candidates’ appliance to their admission, enabling the information analysis in each stage of the process. The system also allows them to manage the waiting list, households, renewals, transfers and to calculate the monthly fees.

This project comes-up with the strong commitment by Quidgest in the healthcare industry and in social action programs. The D. Pedro IV Foundation joins the list of Private Charity Institutions that already implemented Quidgest systems, such as Raríssimas, APAV, Acreditar and CERCI Oeiras.

Quidgest sponsors the CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development

Quidgest sponsored the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries I Conference of Energy which toke place in 23 and 25 of July, in Estoril Congress Center in Cascais.

For this conference, Quidgest developed an event management system. This system allowed CPLP to manage the conference applications and participants, their spaces and the organizing team. On the other hand, the participants had access to the platform, to manage their own profile and interact actively with other participants by choosing different privacy levels of their personal data.

This Conference had the participation of CPLP governments, academics, specialists and entrepreneurs of the energy industry worldwide. It intends to add value to political, economic and financial roles of the energy industry in CPLP, to recognize the geostrategic and geopolitics potential of this industry on a global scale and to create a global citizenship to the energy industry.

The CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development was institutionally supported by the Portuguese Government through the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, Presidency of the Republic and the Cascais Municipal Council.

For more information check the official website of the “CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development”.