Quidgest receives the representatives of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador

Gricelda Guevara (Head of Information Systems of the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador) and Merlyn Hernández (coordinator of the SITEL process at the Legislative Operations Management) were received by Quidgest for two weeks of advanced training on the SITEL system.

This system, developed by Quidgest, allows registering and creating a memory of the entire law-making process, accompanying the entire cycle of a law from the beginning to its publication. Due to its security mechanisms and information auditing, often sensitive, this system works as a guarantee of transparency and authenticity of the information produced.

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador chose Quidgest to develop its SITEL Technical-Legislative Information System, within the scope of a project financed by the Inter-American Development Bank. The objectives of this project range from support in the registry, administration, backup, access and dissemination of the law formation process, to greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the executed procedures. In addition to the advanced training on the system and the presentation of the source code, customers in El Salvador were able to visit Lisbon and Porto. They also had time to participate in the GDPR_talks: Accountability event, promoted by Quidgest.


NOVA´s Digital Transformation with the new Quidgest ERP

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA) is already using Quidgest’s new ERP, which includes Human Resources Management, Financial and Asset Management, and Project Management, in the 11 divisions of the university. This innovative project, started in January, was completed within a record time frame.

Since February 2017 NOVA has been undergoing a great transformation. It is a Public Foundation which now complies with the rigorous pace and requirements of a private enterprise. This has required a profound change in order to standardise the processes of all divisions under a single taxpayer number, while guaranteeing their autonomy and individual operational requirements. This project is part of NOVA’s national and international strategy to promote the university and the dynamic range of programs and activities which it undertakes. The ERP system creates an important competitive advantage for NOVA and is a key part of its Digital Transformation. With around 20,000 students, 2,000 of whom are of 100 different nationalities, 1,700 professors, 80 PhDs and 40 research units; NOVA is the only Portuguese university, less than 50 years old, which is among the 50 best universities in the world.

The replacement of the various management systems in NOVA in such a short time was achieved by Quidgest thanks to its innovative technology and long experience in facilitating quality of service in Public Administration, particularly in the area of Education and Higher Education.

The process to transition all divisions to the new system has been in effect since May 2017. The Financial and Asset Management modules have been applied since June last year, when the Foundation issued the consolidated balance sheet of all Units to DGO.

This is one of the most advanced integrated management systems in the market, based on the latest technology (web, mobile, SQL, MVC) and developed with automatic modeling and generation of software through the “No Code” Genio platform. It will allow the divisions of NOVA greater agility in monitoring their activities and addressing in a dynamic way the constant and significant challenges in university management.

Quidgest obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

Quidgest recently obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification from APCER in a process that covered all company activity (design, development and automatic generation of information systems and related consulting activities, training, research, technical assistance and evolutionary maintenance). Thanks to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, it is now possible for Quidgest to manage, even better, data protection risks. The new certification guarantees a high level of data security for all Quidgest clients.

Launching PNTL (East Timor National Police) Human Resources Management System

At the Official Ceremony of Launching PNTL (East Timor National Police) Human Resources Management System, the self- Commander-in-chief of PNTL, Commissioner Júlio da Costa Hornay and António Guedes de Amorim, Quidgest’s Sales Director at East Timor, signed the acceptance order.

Also present were the 2nd General Commander, the Administration Commander, the Head of the Human Resources Department, and the commanders or representatives of all PNTL Municipal Commands and Units.

In this important event, users received training certificates.

The project was considered a success by PNTL and the system, in full use, is now managing  four thousand police elements. The implementation, which lasted a year, was led by Joaquim Soares and guided by Marcelina da Costa, Information Systems Development Director at Quidgest East Timor.


Government of Jamaica announces My HR+

In the ceremony held on March 6th at the offices of the Ministry of Finance, the Minister of State and Public Service, Fayval Williams, Deputy Financial Secretary Wayne Jones and the Director of the Transformation Implementation Unit, Maria Thompson Walters, revealed the name and the logo of the Human Capital Management System (HCMES), now called My HR +, to be developed by Quidgest for the Government of Jamaica. The implementation of the first phase of My HR + in public sector entities has already begun and should be completed by the end of 2017. Fourteen ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) were selected to be the first to use the system’s services, which Offers a standardized human resources and payroll platform.


The system has been developed with GENIO agile platform, based on MVC.net technology so that it can be used also in mobile devices, this is one of the most modern HR management integrated system in the market.

Quidgest is a Certified Training Company

Having been already for several years already an accredited entity, Quidgest – Consultores de Gestão, S.A., is now a Certified Training Company by DGERT in the areas of education and training:


  • 322 – Library science, archiving and documentation


  • 345 – Management and administration


  • 481 – Computer Science


  • 482 – User-oriented Computing


This certification translates in the recognition of the General-Directorate for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) regarding the resources, procedures and practices developed by the company in the training services sector, also showing a clear signal of commitment to quality and compliance of all the certification requirements

“The fact of being a certified training entity by DGERT is a guarantee in terms of quality of the services provided and consequently we are adding more value for our customers” – said Carla Joaquim Quidgest Learning Center coordinator.

Currently, the company offers specialized and certified training on the entire portfolio of systems it produces, such as Public Management, Strategic Management, Records Management, Training Management, Cyber ​​Security and Integrated Management Solutions, as well as in advanced areas of Engineering Software.


For more information about our training offer, contact learning@quidgest.pt

Universidade Nova de Lisboa choses Quidgest’s SINGAP SNC-AP

The International Public Tender for the ERP – ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING, of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, was awarded to Quidgest, which presented SINGAP|SNC-AP 5.0, one of the most advanced integrated management information system, together with advantageous conditions in terms of technical and economical capability

The project is part of the national and international strategy of Universidade Nova de Lisboa which aims to achieve a significant competitive advantage in terms of dynamic and digital transformation.

The system that is destined to the Foundation of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and to the eleven entities * of the current University, includes the financial, and human resources management, already fulfilling the requirements of the new accounting standard SNC AP. The implementation is expected to take place in record time, previously achieved in similar projects, including the migration of historical data, the visualization of indicators and the generation of management reports.

The long experience and recognition for the quality of service in the Public Administration, namely in the area of ​​Education and Higher Education, as well as the technological and functional adequacy to the client’s requirements, were decisive for the grade obtained and for the decision made.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa will benefit from one of the most advanced integrated management systems in the market, based on the latest Microsoft technology (web, mobile, SQL, MVC). Developed with automatic modeling and generation of software, it will allow greater agility in monitoring its activity, dynamically addressing the constant and enormous challenges in university management.

The growth of Quidgest, especially in the public sector, national and international, by the constant innovation of its products and services, continues being one of the dominant notes of its strategy. The company has just reached its best ever year in terms of sales volume, and this important project further reinforces this trend.

Quidgest in Embedded World 2017

Interoperability between management and production, as well as the increase of industrial productivity, were the themes that Quidgest presented in Nuremberg, for the Embedded World 2017.

This event is the ideal showcase to unveil a new approach to information systems geared towards Smart Industry and IoT, “The Connectivity Foundry”.

“The Connectivity Foundry” is a new industrial platform initiative. Open, collaborative and agile for like-minded industrial SMEs.

It combines, in a perfectly integrated way and in real time, two worlds that have been separated so far: the production line and the information systems.

The founding members of “The Connectivity Foundry” are FourDotZero, Imagination, Zeugma and Quidgest. This founding members worked together on a demo, showing the integration of an automated production line with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) management systems. The Ecosystem Partner Demo was on display at the Imagination technology company’s stand.

More information at http://connectivityfoundry.org


From left to right: Paulo Pereira (Imagination, Head of IoT Framework), Richard Hudson (FourDotZero, CEO), José Fonseca (Quidgest, Logistics and Asset Management solutions Manager), Paul Evans (Imagination, Director of Business Development).

Quidgest growing more than 48% in 2016

Quidgest’s record-breaking leads to international expansion

The Portuguese technological company revenue figures show record growth due to profits obtained in international markets making up more than half of the company’s turnover. Quidgest’s global vision is clear. Over the last 10 years, Quidgest has developed its turnover worldwide.

Specializing in the agile development of management solutions, Quidgest increased its turnover by 48.2% in 2016.

While international business has doubled compared to 2015, Quidgest continues to replace imported products in the Portuguese market for the ERP area, the company also experienced growth in new areas such as banking and insurance.

Although often undervalued, the potential of the Portuguese domestic software production industry is enormous. Portugal brings together all the key factors which enhance technological innovation such as qualified experts, entrepreneurial environment fostered by the formation of clusters and public funding for these activities.

Certainly one of the most important achievements of 2016 is the company’s contribution to the economic development of countries and regions, as many countries are currently taking advantage of the technological transfer of automatic software generation, contributing to specialised job opportunities and positioning to address local projects.

The extraordinary performance of the company is due to its extensive portfolio of solutions, covering 13 different areas, together with the methodology used for their development, which enables customers to reduce costs, increase productivity and business success.

Genio is the automatic code generation platform that Quidgest has developed and allows the creation of integrated management solutions, error-free, in a short space of time, with fewer resources and, above all, customer oriented.

Quidgest currently has almost 100 employees from 12 different countries. It is present in more than 10 markets, through established offices or partnerships. For 2017, Quidgest is looking forward to increasing this list by introducing their unique and innovative solutions in other countries. This results enable the Portuguese company to increase resource allocation, in order to boost the markets in which it is currently operating, and also to explore other markets worldwide.


Human Capital Management Enterprise System by Quidgest

Human Resources of Government of Jamaica already using Quidgest software

Internally communicated on July 21st to all Jamaican government officials, the Human Resource Management solution (HCMES – Human Capital Management Enterprise System) has already entered into pre-production stage. This is a project within the scope of the country’s Public Sector Efficiency Program, result from a strategic decision of 2013, and a procurement process closed in December 2015. It is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), led By the Ministry of Finance and Public Service, and developed by Quidgest.

In this first phase, the system manages 14 pilot agencies, with a total of approximately 25,000 people who have already received training in the use of the tool. It will be extended, in the coming years, to the remaining government agencies, with a total of 125,000 officials. Parallel to this implementation, there is also a project to scan the Human Resources files, as part of the existing data migration strategy.

HCMES Software is being developed with Genio, Quidgest multi-technology engineering platform. This complex software has been based essentially on MVC .NET technology and Microsoft SQL Server database, and will allow widespread use in web environment and mobile devices. It is being modeled starting from Quidgest Human Resources base solution, which e.g. in payroll, has a monthly logic. However, “thanks to the agility and modeling process of Genio, changes to a weekly and bi-weekly logic, as well as language, currency and local legislation are being much easier and faster to implement than other approaches as traditional “package” or custom-made manual development”, emphasizes Hugo Miguel Ribeiro, HCMES project manager.

With the collaboration of the local partner, UHY Dawgen Chartered Accountants, this innovative solution will also drive a technology transfer process, in order to create local means for support and future developments and thus contribute to innovation and increase wealth in the region.

The Government of Jamaica believes that this public sector transformation project is crucial to keeping the country as a place of choice for work, family formation and doing business.