Digital Transformation @ Quidgest

Mobility, use of social networks, remote access, infrastructure and cloud services, Internet of Things, data analysis and big data. Words like these come to your mind when talking about digital transformation? Much more than a bunch of fashionable words (some not so much…), digital transformation involves the restructuring of processes and the absorption of a digital culture, aimed at generating productivity gains in several ways: -Better customer experience  – New ways of marketing products and services -Optimization of the chain of processes – Assisting in strategic decision-making. This, just to mention some of the most relevant advantages.

Ask yourself 3 questions when planning your digital transformation:

-What new benefits can be made available to customers in order to realize more value in your product or service?

-How can your chain of processes (internal, with suppliers and partners) benefit from this transformation?

-What are the consequences of this for the company’s results?

Here, I leave 3 links for those interested in this topic, to better understand what digital transformation is and how you can optimize your business processes:


Amélia Pinto Basto

International Business Consultant @ Quidgest