DevOps @ Quidgest

Fundamental to cloud environments and to the current IT market, DevOps is a combination of the words “development” (Dev) and “operations” (Ops). It should be understood as a strategy to increase a company’s ability to distribute applications and services at high speed and with quality. DevOps principles help development and operation teams work together to streamline and improve software creation and maintenance. The main benefit, and also the biggest change in the strategy of a DevOps environment, is having different professionals working together. It can be in hybrid teams  or teams acting together. The idea is to reduce the tension between teams so that, working collaboratively, they deliver more results to the company. By fostering a collaborative culture and stimulating teamwork, DevOps ultimately improves employee engagement and significantly increases the speed at which applications are developed and performance issues are addressed. That’s why many organizations are managing to build applications and deploy software updates faster. It is due to this strategy that Quidgest can offer customized systems in a reduced and favorable time according to our customers’ expectations.


Amélia Pinto Basto

International Business Consultant @ Quidgest