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Portugalia Airlines

“It was a pleasure to work with Quidgest´s team, which included strategic and sales consultants as well as programmers. This system has been developed with Quidgest´s platform for automatic code generation, Genio. I consider the professionals working with the platform a key factor for the company. Without detracting from Genio´s merits, I believe the professionals working with the platform are one of Quidgest´s key success factors. In summary, Quidgest´s team stands for excellence.”

Daniel Coimbra, Quality Manager at PGA-MTO

Portugalia AirlinesMRO training system
Government East-Timor

“Quidgest left a positive impression on me as they fully met our needs, offering an intuitive tool specifically developed to address the situation in East-Timor. Many difficulties arose during the project implementation: lack of qualified local staff, unstable political situation and changes to the development specification. However, Quidgest always demonstrated professionalism and commitment in delivering a comprehensive management system, as expected.”Libório Pereira, Chairman of the Board of the Timorese Public Administration

Government East-TimorImplementation of Human Resources Management System
Turismo de Portugal

“Quidgest´s project team, managed by Hugo Ribeiro, were eager to find suitable solutions for difficulties that have arisen naturally over time, and collaborated directly with our Human Resources Department. They made invaluable contributions, which was fruitful for all involved in the project and stimulated interpersonal interaction between the provider and the client.”Elsa Cruz, Director of the Human Resources Department

Turismo de PortugalImplementation of Human Resources Management System
Regional Government of the Azores

“Given the specificities of the region, an archipelago of nine islands with very different realities and requirements, the Regional Government is proud of having been able to implement, in 8 years, a human resources management model, based on pioneer (and unique, to date) support tools, which is leading Azorean Regional Administration to a new organizational model.”Sérgio Ávila, Vice-President of the Regional Government of the Azores

Regional Government of the AzoresAzores Human Resources Shared Services
Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of El Salvador

“Thanks to the implementation of a Strategic Management system and provision of consultancy services, TSP has an increased knowledge of available information regarding MCC indicators and processes to improve analysis.”Roberto Rojas Rodríguez, Coordinator for External Cooperation of TSP

Technical Secretariat of the Presidency of El SalvadorImplementation of Strategic Management System
Hotel Ritz – Four Seasons

“With Quidgest´s Human Resources Management system, we increased the quality of produced work which resulted in a reduction of employee doubts concerning payroll management. Furthermore, we significantly reduced the task execution time. Quidgest team is very friendly, available to answer all our questions and flexible when creating a system for our needs.”Rosina Resende, Assist. Human Resources Director

Hotel Ritz – Four SeasonsHuman Resource Management
Institute for Financial Management of Social Security

“It is a system that ensures interactive control, encourages management personnel and employees to have a permanent dynamic attitude, privileges action and quick decision making processes, stimulating accountability for actions.”Paula Pedro, Head of the IGFSS’s Strategy Support Department

Institute for Financial Management of Social SecurityBalanced Scorecard System
Portuguese Institute for Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relationships of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (GPEARI)

“Quidgest worked side by side with us since the beginning of this project. The team has worked more as partner than as a mere supplier. They easily understood the complexity involved in this project, having an extraordinary ability in both developing creative solutions and the implementation of the project.”Daniel Ferreira, Community Innovation Survey 2008 coordinator in Portugal

Portuguese Institute for Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relationships of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (GPEARI)Community Innovation Survey 2008 (CIS2008)
Public Housing Company (EMGHA)

“The solution implemented by Quidgest meets all our business´requirements. Throughout the project, the team had an extremely flexible, supportive and professional attitude. And this can be said about their top executives as well as their software engineers.”Conceição Pinto, Advisor to the board of Directors of EMGHA

Public Housing Company (EMGHA)Housing Management System
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