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Internationale Strategien für Technologie KMUs

Kleine und Mittlere Technologie Unternehmen in den Randgebieten Europas sind limitiert aufgrund des abgelegenen Markts und wenigen Möglichkeiten eine Software überzeugend zu präsentieren. Unternehmen können in externe Märkte eintreten und virtuell die Software aus den lokalen Märkten demonstrieren. In diesem Kontext gesehen ist es eine Herausforderung im Vergleich zu den Unternehmen die ihren Sitz in […]

International Strategies for Tech SMEs

In a context of declining domestic demand, European technology based companies from peripheral countries find themselves without an easy testing and demonstration ground. For these start-ups, bootstrapping will require them to bypass the traditional growth cycle of creating a domestic showcase, before venturing into external markets. This is a far more challenging context than that […]

Four Years of disruptive innovation in Mozambique

This July, Quidgest Software Plant celebrates 4 years of existence in Mozambique. From the beginning, the company is involved in activities stimulating modernisation and development of this country. The software development company entered the market in 2008 and has a solid track record of designing and implementing smart and flexible IT solutions, including a Geo-referenced […]

New partnership with ACOS marks international presence into the Scandinavian market

As part of its international strategy, Quidgest established a new partnership with Norwegian company ACOS, A.S. Both companies recently signed an agreement on joint development of new solutions as well as specific solutions for international projects. ACOS develops and implements management systems, namely in the area of Document Management, children´s well-being and life quality, health […]

Quidgest opens a new office in Macau

Following continued global expansion, Quidgest opened a new office in Macau, Quidgest Macau Limited. By expanding into Macau, Quidgest aims to exploit new business opportunities. Macau is forecast to be the fastest growing economy in the world in 2012, according to Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The company´s strategy to enter the Macanese market describes mainly […]

Quidgest wins project in Latin America

The Presidential Technical Secretary Office of the Republic of El Salvador decided to implement the Balanced Scorecard software developed by Quidgest. The IT-system will ensure monitoring and evaluation of the five-years plan for the country´s development, as well as the execution of funds provided by the agency Millenium Corporate Challenge. The five-years plan consists of […]

Quidgest starts cooperation in Switzerland

This month Quidgest signed a cooperation agreement with the consultancy firm KM Management. Thanks to this new partnership the company expands its international network to the Swiss market. The Swiss company KM Management will use the information system “Balanced Scorecard” in order to support its strategic consultancy services with technology. Moreover, the software will be presented in […]

Linking Portuguese and German markets with Balanced Scorecard

On September 8th Quidgest attended NexCon 2011, conference for the IT, Logistics and supply chain sector, which took place in Bad Segeberg, Germany. Portugal was chosen as this year´s partner country for NexCon. Key-note speaker Dr. António José Alves de Carvalho, General Consul of Portugal in Hamburg, welcomed the Portuguese participants and pointed out the […]

INNOHUBS project as an opportunity for internationalisation

On June 29th, Dominique Korporaal, Global Business Developer at Quidgest, participated in a session focused on the promotion of the European INNOHUBS project, held at AICEP´s headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The INNOHUBS project is an initiative from the Edge Cities Network and resulted in a co-operation between six Edge City partners across Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, […]

Quidgest participates in “Innovating for Successful Business”

Kim Lembeck, Business Developer at Quidgest, attended the conference “Innovating for successful business” which was held on May 30th and 31st in Cork, Ireland. The objective of the event was the promotion of the trans-national programme ATLANT-KIS. ATLANT-KIS is an Atlantic Area /Interregional Project aimed at profile raising and promotion of Knowledge Intensive Service (KIS) suppliers […]