New partnership with ACOS marks international presence into the Scandinavian market

As part of its international strategy, Quidgest established a new partnership with Norwegian company ACOS, A.S. Both companies recently signed an agreement on joint development of new solutions as well as specific solutions for international projects. ACOS develops and implements management systems, namely in the area of Document Management, children´s well-being and life quality, health […]

Quidgest wins project in Latin America

The Presidential Technical Secretary Office of the Republic of El Salvador decided to implement the Balanced Scorecard software developed by Quidgest. The IT-system will ensure monitoring and evaluation of the five-years plan for the country´s development, as well as the execution of funds provided by the agency Millenium Corporate Challenge. The five-years plan consists of […]

FH Flensburg became a partner

In November 2011, Quidgest has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FH Flensburg, in Germany. With this partnership Quidgest found its first partner in the German education sector. The software is used in class and can be used by students for practice. Consequently, the application will strengthen the widespread Balanced ScoreCard concept. The cooperation with […]