Upcoming webinar: “How to retain employees” – Join us!

On the 10th of January 2013, 4:00 PM (UTC 8:00) Quidgest organizes a webinar covering the latest trends and best practices for retaining employees, and also includes an interactive Q&A session.

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A white paper on retaining employees is now available for more details beyond the scope of this event. [call_to_action_small title=”” excerpt=”” buttonText=”Download the White Paper→” buttonUrl=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/HMR_WhitePaper-Retaining-Employees-vf.pdf” buttonNewWindow=”false” buttonType=”fancy” buttonCorners=”rounded” /]

About the speaker

Hugo Miguel Ribeiro, VP Business Development for America Ribeiro is one of our leading specialists when it comes to HR! He gained most of his knowledge and insight from projects he leaded as the Head of Human Resources at Quidgest (an Executive Master in Business Management and a Degree in Human Resources Management might also have helped!). As one of our international players, he has worked in/for half of the globe (e.g. China, East-Timor, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and the USA) and has traveled the other half.

Partnership in El Salvador

Nullam SA, a software development company in El Salvador, has become a representative of Quidgest in Central America. The two companies have collaborated to implement Quidgest´s Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at the Technical Secretariat of the presidency of El Salvador and have new projects in the pipeline.
Quidgest and Nullam signed a partnership agreement in early 2012 and since then, the company supported Quidgest establishing new contacts, including the Government of the Republic of El Salvador.
The Government of El Salvador chose Quidgest Balanced Scorecard to monitor and evaluate the implementation of its Five Year Development Plan. In addition, the solution will allow the Government to control and assess accomplishments as a result of the donations made by the Millennium Corporate Challenge. Both Quidgest and Nullam consider this strategic partnership as successful. Roberto Olivares, CTO of Nullam considers “Quidgest´s Balanced Scorecard a tool that can help institutions improve their profitability, with huge potential in the Latin American markets.” Regarding the geographical distance between the two companies Rosa Rodriguez, Business Developer at Quidgest, says the time zone difference has not caused any problem. “The use of the latest technologies facilitates communication and collaboration between the two organizations”, said Rosa Rodriguez.

Four Years of disruptive innovation in Mozambique

This July, Quidgest Software Plant celebrates 4 years of existence in Mozambique. From the beginning, the company is involved in activities stimulating modernisation and development of this country.

The software development company entered the market in 2008 and has a solid track record of designing and implementing smart and flexible IT solutions, including a Geo-referenced Information System for the Municipal Council of Maputo. This system has been developed in consortium with Quidgest´s headquarters, which was responsible for system implementation. The solution allows urban planning, territorial management, administration and recording of all related information. By opening an office in the capital, Quidgest was able to invest in local projects and provide solutions tailored to the requirements and the conditions of the Mozambican market. Maintaining established partnerships and investing in innovative technologies are the key objectives for the next few years. Furthermore, Quidgest Software Plant organizes seminars and conferences for organizations and enterprises in Mozambique, with topics such as Strategic Management, Geo-referenced Information Management System, and automating processes. Carlos Marques, Partner and Country Manager in Mozambique, states that “this market has a great potential, not only referring to language and law similarities, but also due the openness for new technologies”.

New partnership with ACOS marks international presence into the Scandinavian market

As part of its international strategy, Quidgest established a new partnership with Norwegian company ACOS, A.S. Both companies recently signed an agreement on joint development of new solutions as well as specific solutions for international projects.

ACOS develops and implements management systems, namely in the area of Document Management, children´s well-being and life quality, health care and social support. Headquartered in Bergen and with offices in Oslo e Stavanger, the company has a vast portfolio of clients in both private and public sector.
Quidgest´s strategic planning in the Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark, includes the establishment of local partnerships in each country, sharing know-how on local development practices, and exploiting the potential offered by Quidgest´s Genio, an internationally recognized platform that enables rapid and effective automatic generation of software.

Quidgest wins project in Latin America

The Presidential Technical Secretary Office of the Republic of El Salvador decided to implement the Balanced Scorecard software developed by Quidgest. The IT-system will ensure monitoring and evaluation of the five-years plan for the country´s development, as well as the execution of funds provided by the agency Millenium Corporate Challenge.

The five-years plan consists of political activities and projects that the government of El Salvador wants to implement in order to improve the country´s economical development. Therefore, BSC Quidgest will be a very important tool in order to ensure a constant monitoring and achievement of the strategic objectives defined by the plan.
“The implementation of BSC Quidgest in El Salvador is one of the most important achievements during my career, not only because of the projects requirements but also because it was a significant step for Quidgest´s expansion to Latin America,” explains Rosa Rodriguez, consultant and project manager at Quidgest.For more information on BSC Quidgest® download our brochure or contact us at marketing[at]quidgest.com.

FH Flensburg became a partner

In November 2011, Quidgest has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with FH Flensburg, in Germany. With this partnership Quidgest found its first partner in the German education sector. The software is used in class and can be used by students for practice. Consequently, the application will strengthen the widespread Balanced ScoreCard concept.

The cooperation with FH Flensburg is another important step in Quidgest´s internationalization process. At the moment, Quidgest is present in markets such as Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Macau, Mozambique, East Timor, El Salvador, USA and Brazil.

Balanced ScoreCard is a performance management tool to aid the strategy implementation and execution, through real-time information, planning, monitoring and control.

Quidgest starts cooperation in Switzerland

This month Quidgest signed a cooperation agreement with the consultancy firm KM Management. Thanks to this new partnership the company expands its international network to the Swiss market.

The Swiss company KM Management will use the information system “Balanced Scorecard” in order to support its strategic consultancy services with technology. Moreover, the software will be presented in various educational institutions in Switzerland. The new cooperation is an important step for Quidgest’s strategy for internationalization. Currently, the company has projects and partnerships in countries like Spain, the UK, Germany, Mozambique, East Timor, Brazil and El Salvador. Thanks to the business start with KM Management Quidgest adds one of the most important European markets to its network. Balanced Scorecard Quidgest is a performance management tool to aid the strategy implementation, monitoring and execution.

For more information on BSC Quidgest® download our brochure or contact us at marketing[at]quidgest.com.

INNOHUBS project as an opportunity for internationalisation

On June 29th, Dominique Korporaal, Global Business Developer at Quidgest, participated in a session focused on the promotion of the European INNOHUBS project, held at AICEP´s headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal. The INNOHUBS project is an initiative from the Edge Cities Network and resulted in a co-operation between six Edge City partners across Europe: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Bulgaria. Several delegates of the cities were present in this session, among them Ms. Figueiredo from Loures (Portugal) and Mrs. Bozic from Nacka (Sweden), to promote the INNOHUBS project. The main objective of this project is to identify and exchange good practices about support and promotion of local entrepreneurship and innovative SMEs among the partners, as a way to maintain their integrity as living environments and contribute through local competencies to the Lisbon objectives. In this session, Quidgest had the opportunity to share its vision, experiences and ideas in terms of innovation and internationalisation.

Quidgest participates in “Innovating for Successful Business”

Kim Lembeck, Business Developer at Quidgest, attended the conference “Innovating for successful business” which was held on May 30th and 31st in Cork, Ireland. The objective of the event was the promotion of the trans-national programme ATLANT-KIS.

ATLANT-KIS is an Atlantic Area /Interregional Project aimed at profile raising and promotion of Knowledge Intensive Service (KIS) suppliers to SMEs with the objective of improving innovation levels. There are 7 partners in 5 countries involved in ATLANT-KIS. The conference, organized by the Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly, enabled trans-national suppliers of KIS and SMEs to come together, to network and create business opportunities. KIS suppliers are usually ICT companies, R&D providers and various management consultancies that provide external services to SMEs in their quest to become more innovative in all areas of business. Participating in “Innovating for Successful Business” allowed Quidgest to boost its strategy for internationalisation and to establish contacts with organisations from Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland and the UK.