BSC Quidgest® supports Polytechnic of Coimbra’s strategic management

Polytechnic of Coimbra Institute (IPC) implemented this month Quidgest’s Balanced Scorecard solution. This software allows Polytechnic of  Coimbra to work with its collaborators to establish the strategic map goals and to quickly visualize its results.

BSC Quidgest® is based on R. Kaplan and D. Norton Balanced Scorecard methodology. Its main goal is to support the organizational strategic implementation and to assure the constant monitoring of the organization performance.

Joana Miguel Santos, Strategic Management Consultant of Quidgest, affirms that “the strategic communication streaming – already implemented by IPC through activities plans and others – and the periodic monitoring that this tool enables are the software capital gains. So, with BSC Quidgest® implementation IPC will be able to recognize easily and in time possible diversions due to established goals and its necessary corrections to improve performance.

Furthermore, IPC implemented recently Quidgest’s Training Management System with the intention of speeding up and automating processes related to the training system on both IPC Training Centers: INOV-IPC (targeted to staff) and CINEP (targeted to lecturers).

The Kindergartens Services of D. Pedro IV Foundation is managed by Quidgest System

Currently, Quidgest is implementing a Kindergarten Management System in D. Pedro IV Foundation which is a Private Charity Institution, founded in Lisbon I 1834.

The system developed by Quidgest allows them to manage transversally all the functional circuit of the service provided to all 6 Kindergarten’s Houses (Arroios, Calafates, Olivias, Santa Quitéria, Santana e São Vicente House).

Furthermore, the system allows them to centralize all the information, to expedite the reply deadline and to accomplish internal tasks more efficiently. The application process is now managed from the candidates’ appliance to their admission, enabling the information analysis in each stage of the process. The system also allows them to manage the waiting list, households, renewals, transfers and to calculate the monthly fees.

This project comes-up with the strong commitment by Quidgest in the healthcare industry and in social action programs. The D. Pedro IV Foundation joins the list of Private Charity Institutions that already implemented Quidgest systems, such as Raríssimas, APAV, Acreditar and CERCI Oeiras.

Quidgest sponsors the CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development

Quidgest sponsored the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries I Conference of Energy which toke place in 23 and 25 of July, in Estoril Congress Center in Cascais.

For this conference, Quidgest developed an event management system. This system allowed CPLP to manage the conference applications and participants, their spaces and the organizing team. On the other hand, the participants had access to the platform, to manage their own profile and interact actively with other participants by choosing different privacy levels of their personal data.

This Conference had the participation of CPLP governments, academics, specialists and entrepreneurs of the energy industry worldwide. It intends to add value to political, economic and financial roles of the energy industry in CPLP, to recognize the geostrategic and geopolitics potential of this industry on a global scale and to create a global citizenship to the energy industry.

The CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development was institutionally supported by the Portuguese Government through the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, Presidency of the Republic and the Cascais Municipal Council.

For more information check the official website of the “CPLP I Conference of Energy for Development”.

Quidgest establishes partnership with Brazilian company

Quidgest established, on the 12th of March, a partnership with the Brazilian company Vision IT. Cristina Marinhas, CEO of Quidgest and Pedro Pereira, CEO of Vision IT, signed a partnership agreement between the two companies.

The agreement aims to promote the sharing of information and joint participation in tenders and projects related to the business areas of each party. The collaboration between the two companies will complement, on the one hand, the Vision IT consulting services with the software developed by Quidgest and, on the other hand, the advantage of the Vision IT’s know-how in consulting.

Founded in 2014, Vision IT started its activity in Brazil with solutions in the area of ​​Information Technology, with particular focus on Facility Management, Energy Efficiency, Monitoring and Safety Facilities and Management solutions.

Quidgest develops Regulatory Reports solution for the Brazil Bank

Quidgest was the technological company chosen to implement a regulatory reporting solution (FINREP) at Brazil Bank, a financial institution headquartered in Brasilia and in more than twenty countries around the world. The solution aims to address and support the banking institution in the information compliance.

The reporting solution to be implemented by Quidgest aims to support the Brazil Bank in the development and delivery of new regulatory reports defined under the Basel III agreement. The application creates conditions for rapid query and generation of information to be reported. It also enables the migration of customer data for the software structure, which automatically, responds to the report.

The Basel III agreement refers to a set of new rules of the banking regulatory system, which arise in the context of the recent international financial crisis to improve the definition of global capital and liquidity rules, and increase the sector’s stability. With the regulatory uniformization, came the need to implement reporting requirements with uniform definitions that will cover the reporting of financial and accounting information (FINREP).

CEMAH – Caixa Económica de Angra do Heroísmo is one of the latest Quidgest’ clients to have implemented the regulatory reports solution developed by Quidgest.


Quidgest “Better Decisions” award-winning book launch

“Collaborate to Innovate” book launch, wrote by Fernando de Sousa Cardoso and Ileana Pardal, took place last Friday, 6th March. João Paulo Carvalho, Senior Partner of Quidgest was one of the speakers invited to present the book that won the “Better Decisions” Awards organized by the company. The prize included the publication of the work by Edições Sílabo, as well as a prize of € 2,500.00 for the authors.

The session, scheduled for 18.30, had the participation of fifty people. The presentation of the Book was made by guest speakers António Sampaio da Nóvoa, Professor at the Institute of Education, University of Lisbon and João Paulo Carvalho, Senior Partner of Quidgest.

The “Better Decisions” awards arose as part of celebrations of Quidgest 25th anniversary, at which time the company decided to reward the three best works on the national decision-making model and therefore relaunch this important debate and revive the production of studies in this area, ​​extremely important for the competitiveness of the national economy.

The initiative was supported by Nova School of Business and Economics, ISEG – Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, ENSP – Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, ISCAC – Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Coimbra, Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, COTEC Portugal, APDSI – Associação para a Promoção e Desenvolvimento da Sociedade de Informação, Edições Sílabo, APOGEP – Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Projetos, Observatório Político and Jornal OJE.

GESCRIAR implements Quidgest Training Management System

Gescriar, company based in Viseu, is implementing this month Quidgest Training Management System. The main feature software consists in managing the entire training cycle of the organization integrating in a single application all stakeholders processes, both trainers and trainees.

Ana Cristina Santos, Director of the Training Department of Gescriar declares that “this solution responds to the needs of the organization regarding the management of the training offer and also reduces the time spent in administrative processes. Furthermore, the system maximizes team performance.”

Gescriar is a business group composed by a pool of integrated services that focus on the development of various areas, such as Accounting and Management Consulting, Development, Restructuring and Business Organization, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Financial Management and Mediation, Design and Industrial Maintenance.

Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, Portugalia Airlines and Coimbra Polytechnic Institute are some of the customers who have already implemented the Training Management System developed by Quidgest.


Quidgest participates in ICT and health’s conference

Quidgest was invited to join the Conference “ICT and Health in Today’s Portugal”, promoted by APDSI – Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society. The initiative will be held on 18th March at the Psychiatric Hospital in Lisbon.

João Paulo Carvalho, Senior Partner of Quidgest will integrate the Roundtable regarding the National Market Success Stories, with a speech that will focus on the technological innovations developed in the company over these 25 years.

The event aims to bring together experts from the two areas in question, as well as representatives from various health institutions, public and private, in an exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences that value and reinforce the importance of the application of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare.

The opening session will be in charge of Raul Mascarenhas, President of APDSI and Helena Monteiro, the Conference Coordinator. Besides the Quidgest, will be present at the Conference, organizations such as the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal Telecom, Google, Accenture and Oracle.

All entries are subject to prior registration using the form available in the APDSI page and will be conditioned to the availability of the auditorium seats.

The new version of the NetForce Plataform is already online

The new version of NetForce Platform – Training and Certification Portal of Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional IP is already online. The platform was developed by the technological company Quidgest.

The new version of the platform aims to contribute for increasing the quality of training of trainers and certification processes. Thus, it was made a complete reorganization of the portal, including improvements at graphic level, offering a more intuitive navigation and better access to information. In addition, it was also developed a set of new features.

The pedagogical training of trainers modular certification, the expertise teaching skills certification for different trainer’s intervention contexts, the access to the Pedagogical Skills Certificate through the recognition, validation and teaching skills certifications acquired by formal, non-formal and informal channels, are some of the new features that will be available, gradually, on this new version of NetForce portal.

To Elsa Caramujo, Coordinator of the National Trainers Qualification Center, this new version “responds to a set of needs that were identified by the users, but mainly to contribute to a greater appreciation of the training and certification of trainers, putting more challenges to the IEFP, training organisms, trainees and trainers involved in the management and monitoring of training processes, in order to increase the quality of training.”

Quidgest’s Human Resources Systems respond to new legislative changes in record time

Quidgest’s Human Resources Systems respond in record time, to the new legislative changes concerning the public administration employees’ payroll, for the month of January 2015.

All public sector Quidgest customers were able to properly process their salaries with the 20% remuneration reduction reversal, in force since January 1, 2015 (Lei n.º 75/2014 de 12 de setembro). This happens because Quidgest’s Payroll System intuitively allows the parameterization of any remuneration reduction rate required (with retroactive effect or not).

In addition, and regarding the Despacho n.º 309-A/2015, that approves the retention tables in the source to be in force during the year 2015, Quidgest sent the 2015 IRS tables on the day that it was published – January 12th, so they were automatically imported into their clients systems. Quidgest’s HR System supports the calculation of the IRS Retroactivity with effect previous months, so for customers who only imported the 2015 IRS tables in the payroll of February 2015, the respective scores were made of IRS automatically, retroactive to January 2015, as in previous years.

These changes, made in a short time, are possible thanks to Quidgest automatic code generation platform, Genio, which enables the systems to easily adapt to existing legislation and to be able to progress constantly, incorporating the latest innovations.

To Germano Martins, Chief Executive of the Autoridade Metropolitana dos Transportes de Lisboa (AMTL), “the implementation of legislative changes in Quidgest HR solutions, even during the month of January, allowed the AMTL to implement immediately the legislation avoiding subsequent corrections, which always tend to generate some discomfort to workers and the entity.”